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Cross Country Challenge 2017


Flest km längdskidor under vintern 2016-17 vinner, både klassiskt och skate räknas.


Challenge friends, Longest distance wins.

The results in this challenge is calculated automatically from what you add to your diary

Accepted activities: Nordic skiing, Cross-country skiing - Classic, Cross-country skiing - Skate, Backcountry Nordic

Active from 2016-11-01 and 2017-04-30.

Created by Twiik.me
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Challenge_first Picture?wi astne
Astrid Nessøe
1352.00 km
Challenge_first 9 kjesi
Kjetil Simensen
1352.00 km
Challenge_third 679efbb248c77002fe5d3a5e9ebc486ca2202a5ffca1044e2ee6ffb70d3a9317 kkronber
Kim Kronberg
1333.33 km
4 10f3a44aa3313aacb4ce81a66077ab94daa26b41765387adb87bdfafb4f29731 Mankke
Magnus Hindström
693.51 km
5 No_small_image ricjo_81
Rickard Johansson
464.06 km
6 82e50eaf8938ea54dde3cc2c04adeb3434c4e4faeacd722a35d0a5d8df950af2 Veslesjur
Gunnar Haanshus
340.65 km
7 Pic stjernvangs
Maren Stjernvang
307.16 km
8 9w230lp1vrk84wco8kcc aleckan
Alexander Engvall
233.21 km
9 8c6c63683765c3b92e987e52080a6dc8ac4f583fc773c338c7238b905d16af57 JenRud
Jens Rudberg
90.43 km
10 11 larsson6000@gmail.com
Marie Larsson
74.52 km
11 85bb08b455cd75d9c8b31802c9613eec14483e19ca3f712511ca65be33ab469a norjoa
Joakim Nordin
70.49 km
12 5 suziQ77
Susanne Brandtner
59.00 km