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Everything Walking

Hello Walkers!


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User_female MelodyMae


Document Hello Walkers! Written 3 June 2015 0:57
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I've just joined the group, and would love to engage others in a thread.

I truly enjoy walking as a rule for daily work-outs, interval training, etc.

Especially if a furry friend accompanies you!

A discussion of comparisson between treadmills & outdoor/track walking would be interesting. Personally I've found that I do better walking outdoors, if I know I need to make it back as well. It keeps me accountable

Additionally, the sunshine, birds, neighbors, and life outside heals my soul a bit each day.

What are some benefits you have found between the two?

Happy Fitness!

Oh, and I have a fitness blog/facebook community if anyone would like to participate in the community, or just scroll through on occassion. If it strikes interest, please don't hesitate to follow it!




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