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Air Jordan pas cher Just after testing


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Document Air Jordan pas cher Just after testing Written 1 July 2014 5:14
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MERRELL besides is a professional without athletic shoes shoe brand, cross-country is celebrated outdoor shoe money on the professional brand, launched by way of the MERRELL cross-country shoe MIX MASTER Go, let running friend boot money by different elements, to understand the diversification with running, also experience the MERRELL out of doors cross-country characteristic of shoe money. nike tn pas cher MIX MASTER MOVE because it is fit in with off-road shoe, so physical while using previously described MERRELL shoes externally, are quite different, we can notice in the bottom part of the obvious thickening, Merge MASTER heel thickness is 9 mm, forefoot thickness 5 mm, builds a close to the ground of 4 mm main difference set, increase the activity regarding flexible action, followed by the actual embedded in the bottom of MERRELL patented Oxygen as Air Cushion, great shock strengthening shock absorption and stable support function, forefoot very soft mat is carrying suspensions, can reduce the former sole dangerous body sensation and improve the stability of running outsole piece golpe use MERRELL patent rubber exclusive, with a hard material raise outdoor running shoes and dress in resistance. Although MIX Get better at MOVE with quite a number of elements, but in the material material account is quite accurate, full shoes and boots control in 240 grms of the range of 9.5 (US), in the critical reason for lightweight create maximum strength requirements. http://www.nkairmax.com Tested runners inside city's first asphalt and also track PU runways, comparing the measured, tested joggers in asphalt pavement and also PU runways fact don running, can feel the MIX MASTER the way MOVE feeling amongst solid and hard, wear Mixture MASTER MOVE to city roads, run on the road feels cozy adaptation generally good, for some runners wear MIX Expert should MOVE to the city work without too big problem, you can observe MERRELL setting MIX MASTER can MOVE is to meet the daily living at any time can wear out connected with running shoes, but for the weight more substantial runners, wearing MIX Learn, MOVE to the city run highway feeling may be biased when it comes to hard, heavier runners be forced to pay special attention. MIX Get better at MOVE in the performance with the uphill road, although not formerly tested MERRELL barefoot shoe hypersensitive, but the success of the light in weight design lets MIX MASTER MOVE smoothly in running frequency switching, there is still a standard of performance, but because of the MIX MASTER Shift designed to challenge the ground or grass field way is given priority to, so that the bottoms of the set to deal with hard wear-resisting rubber outdoor unpredictable road, but when through tricky asphalt downhill, MIX Get good at hard MOVE, sense of footpath feedback becomes evident, bring on comfort than is ideal when the ground, but low buffer indirectly bring better speed and running efficiency. Air Jordan pas cher Just after testing the urban route environment, will test internet site transferred to the city's almost all easy to find grass road, to try out the MIX MASTER MOVE, the main element battleground cross-country performance of the roads. Recently mentioned MIX Grasp MOVE in hard solid, street asphalt, pavement on the type grass, however, MIX MASTER Go hard road and your lawn soft offset each other, including a stable and dependable way feeling, and MIX MASTER MOVE under the design concept of classic MERRELL wide here, toe boot last section provides good enough activity space, also make it possible for MIX MASTER MOVE sort variable and unstable within the outdoor road, can show wonderful traction and control, can increase the winding road velocity and to reduce the chance of any sprained ankle. Another easy to be confused in cross-country road is a road stone, branches along with foreign matter very much, Five mm of difference (balance out) is designed to provide a more constant landing point of view, strengthen the security of the outdoor road experience, greatly enhance the comfort of cross-country run. Agitation in recent years, outdoor routines, more and more prosperous, and in addition to running sports and outdoor hiking cross-country run so brilliantly colored is agitation, so buddies run in order to meet the needs of unique events, also tend to be working friend for themselves a pair of designed for cross-country road using cross-country running shoes, nevertheless cross-country running shoes due to cope with any wilderness road is given goal to, so in the asphalt pavement are often head roads feeling impact comfort, and blend MASTER MOVE not only holds the advantages of cross-country running shoes should have, and at the same time significantly improve cross-country jogging shoes in the comfort of urban street, also fit the Taiwan nearly all cross-country running events, the stage is going to part with the planning of street asphalt, if running companion choose to MIX MASTER Relocate challenge domestic cross-country running occasions, to be able to find the best balance within the artificial and routes with the mountains, at the same time also can satisfy the running age older friends, on the choice of shoes jogging efficiency is superior to the demand from customers shock protection, thus functioning friend can need not spend too much of the budget, you can enjoy running cross-country and more advanced requirements will be able to meet the running shoes.

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