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2008-04-20 11:02   Pepps 0 Likes   Speech_bubble 0 Comments   Images 0 Images Small_addthisShare

From the cold and wet of the UK to India is a bit of a jump. I'm working in Chennai this week and the temperature is 38-40C. I've not run outside yet mainly because of the heat but also because I've not found anywhere suitable to run.

Even on the treadmill I've noticed that my 5k time has dropped by about 2 mins. I've been very careful to keep my pulse below 155-160 as dehydration (even in a air-conditioned gym) is a real problem. Although looking out the window so see the view in the picture below does make up for it a bit. 

On my last few trips I found that I just couldn't drink enough water but this time I've brought a pile of Lucozade sport rehydrate and body fuel drink mixes and I've had no problem at all.



Nathan Hydration Belt PT2

2008-02-10 12:38   Pepps 0 Likes   Speech_bubble 0 Comments   Images 0 Images Small_addthisShare

Tried my new Nathan belt while cycling today - again not a long loop (25k) and it was cold (0-1C) so hydration wasn't really an issue but I was impressed. There was no movement or restriction at all even though I was off-road most of the time.

Both the pockets gave very easy access while cycling and the bottles were easily accessible.

Only tried it twice now and I'm a fan



2008-02-09 10:46   Pepps 0 Likes   Speech_bubble 1 Comment   Images 0 Images Small_addthisShare

Did my first run yesterday with my new Nathan hydration belt. Only 10M and fiarly cold so dehydration wasn't too much of a issue but wanted to try it out.

Overall very good although it took some time to get it comfortable. Getting the bottles in an out is easy and the who thing feels very stable although the belt+water ways quite a bit and takes some getting used to.

Once I've done a couple of longer runs I'll post some more info