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25 Push Ups


Målet är att klara 25 armhävningar i ett svep utan vila. Det är inte enkelt!

Posta gärna era nuvarande resultat i kommentarsfältet.

Lycka till!


Challenge yourself

You update the results of this challenge manually here on the challenge page

No time limit, challenge goes on until you complete it

Created by Twiik.me
Successful participants

Active participants

Position   Navn Acheived
1 Pictu Åsa_Friberg
Åsa Friberg
Not acheived
2 3 141946921
Susanne PÃ¥lsson
Not acheived
3 No_small_image 208520833
Helén Dellqvist
Not acheived
4 No_small_image 215406588 Not acheived
5 No_small_image 2401431 Not acheived
6 No_small_image 4delinaa Not acheived
7 No_small_image 4delinas Not acheived
8 5fc6bf580f01f0a37563691c33f2ec68c2c4231ca8c8c109601a1416123e14f5 4mmmm
Marie silfving
Not acheived
9 4e0d34a73f39ca8f95b6823965b7288ec85e1bdcff91ca43857c68ed05627a6f 92elma11
Elin Markusson
Not acheived
10 No_small_image aaaaliiiice Not acheived
11 No_small_image Aashild.hopland@hotmail.com Not acheived
12 No_small_image acasey Not acheived
13 No_small_image adambrmn@gmail.com
adam broman
Not acheived
14 No_small_image aebecca
rebecca Andersson
Not acheived
15 No_small_image agnesforsen Not acheived
16 No_small_image Ahreborg98@live.se Not acheived
17 No_small_image aleedl90@gmail.com Not acheived
18 No_small_image alejos Not acheived
19 No_small_image Alexxandra.karlsson@hotmail.com Not acheived
20 No_small_image allebaba
alicia holmqvist
Not acheived
21 No_small_image Am Karlsson Not acheived
22 No_small_image amadaaat Not acheived
23 No_small_image amanfar Not acheived
24 No_small_image amanndakarlsson Not acheived
25 No_small_image ammijullis@live.se Not acheived