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Vätternrundan 2012

SeSweden, Motala

Date: 2012-06-15 Activity: Cycling
Participants: 49 Created by: hakfri
Track: There is no track attatched to this competition.

Vättern runt - 30 mil

Start cost: Unknown Last entry date: Unknown
Start time: Unknown Homepage: Klick to view website


Top 15 participant results

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# Place Username Result
1   sonja 0 min
2 1352 polen79 0 min
3   hasun 49 min
4   Toffy 8h 58 min
5   westlundan 9h 5 min
6   Oscarek 9h 11 min
7 1933 aleckan 9h 15 min
8   Kareta 9h 36 min
9   HenkeJansson 9h 56 min
10   fajter 10h 51 min
11   patrick.bubicic 11h 4 min
12   anden054 11h 13 min
13 11h 23 min
14 7558 stef.ostlund 11h 38 min
15   lestridh 11h 39 min

Remaining participants

User_small42hill, User_smallandols, User_small_femalebdakabr, User_smallbiffen10, User_smallcharliebaxter, User_smallClubson, User_smalldelavante, User_small_femaleecwb, User_smallExile99, User_smallFeffe16, User_smallfrohrn, User_smallHenrik_Johansson00, User_smalljagbme, User_smalljenkus75, User_smallklemensson, User_smallLasse74, User_small_femaleLindakatarina, User_small_femaleLolloHj, User_smallMarcusE, User_small_femalemariamorgan2, User_smallmats1234, User_smallMBlomman, User_small_femaleMedpahn, User_smallnille17, User_smallOmidA, User_smallpatrikp, User_smallpsor, User_smallRuha, User_small_femaleStarSara, User_smallVeronica74, User_smallXChrister

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aleckan skrev 2012-05-24 23:37:
En skoj utmaning för alla som ska cykla vättern!
aleckan skrev 2011-09-10 21:25:
Sjukt att anmälan redan är full! 6 dygn tog det hehe