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Adding a workout

To add a workout, nutrition or other information to your diary you start by clicking the "Training Diary" link in the main menu. You will then see your calendar and month overview. Click the date where you want to add information, pick the category you want to add in the menu to the left. If there is any information already added for the day you clicked you will see it along with statistics.

For most training categories you get exercises or activities you can add when you register your account. If you miss anything you can add your own exercises, activities, running tracks, meals etc. To do that you click the "Exercise Database" tab. Pick the category in the menu to the left you want to add something under. If you for example pick "Cardio" you can add new activities like Rowing and Mountain Biking or tracks for a specific activity like "my 5 mile running track". If you use the same track for different activities, for example Running and Walking you have to add it for both activities.

The categories you can chose are:

This is for example running, walking, cycling, swimming etc.

Weight Lifting
You can add your own exercises and enter the number of reps and weights or each set for each specific exercise.

Cardio - Gym
This category contains the cardio exercises you do at a gym. For example a treadmill, stairmaster etc. You can enter the time and exercise level for each exercise.

Class - Gym
This category contains training classes like aerobics, spinning, body pump etc.

Other Sports
This category contains all other sports that doesnt fit under any other category. This could be soccer, baseball, fencing etc.