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Gymnastics ! please help!

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User_female beejbii


Document Gymnastics ! please help! escrito 28 de febrero de 2009 23:45
No_medium_image de: Abbekås
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is back bend bad for your back, ?

and how long does it takes to learn the handstand ?

i leaned back bend after 2 days of trying does it means i'm lithe ???

User_female loveschuh


Document Re: Gymnastics ! please help! escrito 13 de marzo de 2009 01:00
No_medium_image de: Thousand Oaks
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Hi there Gymnastics please help.

 I've done gynmastice for over fifteen years. Back bends are great for you and your flexability. Though you

need to take it slow. Start off by making your arms strong by pushups or lifting weights. Then you can try to push

up a bridge. Lay on your back and bend your knees. Bend your arms with your fingers facing your shoulders and

your elbows by your ears. Then your goal is to be able to push your belly button to the celing as if some one had a

string tied to it. You look for your hands as soon as you push up. Take it slow, if you don't get it the first time try

everyday. Your arms will get stronger. Don't forget to strengthen your legs. Walking lunges are great. To keep your

self safe don't do them standing, unless you have a spotter that has been trained. or had training. You could really hurt

your head if you fall on your head or neck the wrong way. Be safe and start on the ground.

Then you asked about handstands. Start by lunges and and some wall pushups. Then do some donkey kicks. Go down

to all fours and lift one leg up. Try to swing the leg thats up down and then back up lifting the other leg off the ground.

As you practice this you'll find which leg you like to do more. Make sure you do both so that you strengthen both.

Keep doing it and you'll find yourself getting stronger in your arms. When you get comfortable start in a standing position

and bend over touching the ground and lift one leg and hop. Then you come back up to a standing position. Keep that up 

and you will get stronger and stronger. Eventually you will want some one there to spot you to get balance. 

Well done and just try.

Hope you have fun and become stronger




User NiharGomez


Document Re: Gymnastics ! please help! escrito 12 de abril de 2012 14:37
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hey, at my gymnastics we just call them 'wall bars' where you can do chin ups & leg lifts ect.

so, yeah to answer your question, i just call them 'wall bars'. Hope i helped ahha!!

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User_female KathleenRobertson


Document Re: Gymnastics ! please help! escrito 8 de enero de 2013 08:12
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Rises by lifting weights or by pal strong start. Then you can try to push the legs. Lying on your back, knees bent. Bend the arm towards your fingers in your ears, shoulders and elbows. Then the goal, as someone that has a string attached to it, you can press the celing in the belly.


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User_female WernerHerzog


Document Re: Gymnastics ! please help! escrito 25 de enero de 2013 11:25
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Find your hand as you push soon. Every day for the first time, you do not try, if slowly. Your arms will get stronger. Do not forget to strengthen your legs. May well be walking lunge. To maintain the safety of your self, unless you spot jjikneunga trained them, standing does not. Or education.

User KentFeller


Document Re: Gymnastics ! please help! escrito 27 de febrero de 2013 08:51
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It’s always better to get professionals advice for gymnastic practices. Self training might lead to serious injuries.

User_female samdbgt


Document Re: Gymnastics ! please help! escrito 1 de abril de 2013 13:20
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Back bends are not at all bad. These work outs are a great way to make you flexible. Be sure not to push yourself in the first go. Try to do it in steps. To do this you need to have a good power level. So try doing some pull ups for some time, maybe a few weeks and your arms will be ready to lift anything. Then try the back bends and you won’t have any problem. And be sure to do it in the same way your instructor asks you to do, because if you miss the correct method then you could stress your back and that could be a problem.

User_female paul123org


Document Re: Gymnastics ! please help! escrito 3 de octubre de 2013 13:51
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Back-bending is a natural range of motion of the spine. If you have a good spine and spinal cord you can do the bending back position as it helps to improve the elasticity of the body.

User_female MarisDivina


Document Re: Gymnastics ! please help! escrito 26 de agosto de 2014 16:53
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