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Malmö Milen

SeSweden, Malmö

Date: 2012-06-16 Activity: Running
Participants: 10 Created by: skrylle
ZoomShow on map   Track: Running, Malmömilen

Efter ett lyckat lopp 2011 arrangeras det nu för 2:ndra gången.

Fin stads miljö.

Start cost: 270 kr Last entry date: Unknown
Start time: Ca:15:00 Homepage: Klick to view website


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# Place Username Result
1 48 kristianjohannesson 38 min 28 sec
2 529 tomasjonasson 46 min 9 sec
3 987 201418761 50 min 5 sec
4 999 skrylle 50 min 20 sec
5 246 Annica1970 53 min 2 sec
6 1140 Lindzan 1h 4 min 9 sec

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User_smallAndreas13, User_small_femaleJeannetteFit,, User_smallwide

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skrylle skrev 2012-01-03 15:24:
Platt bana kan göra snabba tider.